To Leave the Nest


100 Things

  1. I love God.
  2. I love LOVE… (And to me, #1 and #2 are synonymous.)
  3. My daughters are the greatest blessing God ever bestowed upon me. They have saved my life over and over again. I also claim my man’s 2 boys as my own. I have, in fact, legally adopted one of them. Love our kids to the moon and back!
  4. I am a Capricorn – hardheaded, driven and happiest in water.
  5. I actually DO use both sides of my brain. I am both logical and emotional. I am both creative and practical. I am a both grounded and able to go with the flow.
  6. My friends reflect both sides of my brain as well. I like to surround myself with a good balance of creative and grounded people.
  7. I am not an active church goer.
  8. I study spirituality.
  9. I have interest and/or have studied natural medicine, homeopathy and alternative therapies.
  10. I only treat my children with natural remedies unless there is a dire need for allopathic medicine. By the way, it takes A LOT to define “dire” for me.
  11. I believe in having a healthy attitude about all things (relationships, food, your body, sexuality, fitness, life, spirituality, the earth, etc.) is part of having a healthy lifestyle.
  12. I do my best to teach my children to have a healthy attitude about all of those things and more.
  13. With the question, “Would you rather be right or happy?”, most of the time, I choose “happy”. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  14. I will, however, debate most people on spirituality, healthy sexuality or natural medicine.
  15. I hope to be a wise old lady who feels healthy, beautiful, and who smiles and laughs a lot.
  16. I am naturally thin. I used to think I was fat so I dieted all the time… and gained 50 lbs.
  17. After dealing with health concerns, I made healthy lifestyle changes and lost weight again.
  18. I am healthier in my 40’s than I was in my 20’s.
  19. I am an athlete.
  20. I am a triathleteOk, yeah not so much anymore.
  21. I am a practicing yogini.
  22. I like #19, 20 & 21 because I didn’t grow up with physical fitness and have only discovered any athletic prowess in the past 8 years.
  23. Even though I am an athlete, I still don’t think I’m very good at it. Just as I call it my yoga “practice”, I am also a practicing athlete.
  24. Yoga makes me stop thinking. When I’m not thinking, I have the best clarity and revelations.
  25. Being on my bike makes me feel like a kid again. I like being a kid again.
  26. I wish I could laugh at myself more, be okay with stumbling and making mistakes. Like being a kid again.
  27. I’m raising my daughters to be okay with stumbling and making mistakes. They supply lots of laughter already.
  28. I am a recovering people pleaser. Awareness is the first step to stopping a behavior that is no longer serving you, right?
  29. After awareness comes acceptance. Acceptance creates miracles.
  30. I am extremely introspective.
  31. I learn from my mistakes. Ok, my goal is to learn from my mistakes.
  32. Mistakes are nothing more than a mistaken perception. Who I thought I was or should be vs. Who I really Am. (My spiritual lessons taught me that.)
  33. I like getting older because I’m learning more about Who I Am.
  34. I hope to be a healthy, beautiful, wise and kind of nutty old lady who smiles and laughs a lot.
  35. I love music… and can listen to just about any kind.
  36. I am a singer.
  37. I used to sing and write lyrics for my own band. I will do it again someday too.
  38. I love to set goals.
  39. Words are inspiring to me.
  40. I love quotes, lyrics, books, cards, poems, and great conversations.
  41. My man (aka my love) and I have really REALLY awesome conversations.
  42. I don’t like driving long distances but do it exclusively monthly to spend time with my man. He’s worth it.
  43. I love being outside.
  44. I feel connected to trees… and like to climb them too.
  45. I hope to be a healthy, beautiful, wise and kind of nutty old lady who smiles and laughs a lot and still climbs trees.
  46. Although I love to be outside, I am a fair weather girl. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons.
  47. Feeling too hot makes me lightheaded, grouchy and irritable.
  48. Feeling too cold makes me lazy and want to go back to bed.
  49. I’m southern born and bred!
  50. I was born and raised in Louisiana.
  51. Which means I love things like crawfish, Spanish Moss, French & Spanish architecture, river towns, Mardi Gras, New Orleans Saints football and all the seafood I can eat.
  52. I have lived in Texas longer than I lived in Louisiana.
  53. Which means I love things like margaritas, bluebonnets, pecans, the hill country, Texas Rangers baseball, the State Fair of Texas and all the barbecue I can eat.
  54. I love food and I looooovvvve to eat.
  55. My ex-husband is an excellent chef and I learned to cook from watching him.
  56. I believe very strongly that my ex was a good husband AND is a good ex-husband. He is a good man. Period.
  57. I love all sorts of ethnic foods from authentic Greek to Thai to Cajun to Middle Eastern and am always willing to try something new.
  58. I do not, however, love to cook.
  59. Baking is fun though. And more fun with my daughters.
  60. I hope to be a healthy, beautiful, wise and kind of nutty old lady who smiles, laughs a lot, still climbs trees and makes KILLER chocolate chip cookies for my grandchildren
  61. I love chocolate. Organic dark chocolate truffles…mmmm… yummo.
  62. I believe you are what you eat and HOW you eat it.
  63. Eating a scrumptious meal outside on a beautiful evening with my man is the best. date. ever.
  64. I’m really not that difficult to please. Food, attention and holding hands and I’m all *swoon*. Did I mention attention?
  65. I love to talk.
  66. I also love to listen.
  67. The best thing a friend can do for me is talk, listen and be honest.
  68. I believe the most important things in a relationship are: honesty, attentiveness (good listening skills), communication, trust and (BIG TIME) respect. Love flows naturally from that.
  69. It took me a few failed attempts at relationships before I figured that out. But I’ve found forgiveness in those failed attempts too.
  70. My favorite vacation spot in the world is a tiny fishing village on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.
  71. When I vacation there, I love to snorkel, scuba, hike, explore… or just sit on the beach with a book and a pina colada.
  72. I hope to be a healthy, beautiful, wise and kind of nutty old lady who smiles, laughs a lot, still climbs trees and makes KILLER chocolate chip cookies for my grandchildren… who travels to beaches for vacations.
  73. Although I am a beach lover, I am not a sun-worshiper. As evidenced by my bright white skin.
  74. Although I have bright white skin, my ancestry is Native American/Texican/Sicilian. At least I was blessed with the dark hair.
  75. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister.
  76. I am the oldest child. I fit the profile of an oldest child too. Look it up.
  77. My father died in 2007. I wasn’t especially close to my father… but I miss him more now than I ever did when he was alive.
  78. My mother is one of my best friends.
  79. Because my mother is one of my best friends, and always has been, I am learning a LOT about boundaries as an adult that I didn’t learn as a child.
  80. I enjoy spending time with my 90 something year old grandfather and listening to his stories about WWII. Sadly, he passed away in 2013.
  81. I never understood the mind of a soldier until I dated one.
  82. The relationship didn’t work out but did help me feel closer to my grandfather.
  83. My grandfather was an entrepreneur.
  84. I have always said I couldn’t be an entrepreneur.
  85. I have a college degree in information technology and worked as a systems engineer for many years.
  86. I now used to work for an information technology company but my interest is social media, marketing and writing. I have now started my own business as a social media marketer and freelance writer.
  87. I am very detail oriented… which makes me pretty good at the job.
  88. I love being social and planning things… which also makes me pretty good at the job and means that my job is fun.
  89. I like writing things down.
  90. I have always kept a journal or diary, detailing aspects of my day.
  91. I began keeping a journal during my divorce, detailing my thoughts and feelings.
  92. Since then, I have also documented life lessons and growth that I’ve shared with others.
  93. Many people have said I should write a book about the lessons.
  94. Many people ask my advice as they struggle with their own lessons.
  95. Many people actually feel inspired by what I have to say.
  96. I like inspiring people.
  97. I really enjoy writing.
  98. I’d really love to make a living writing and inspiring people.
  99. Maybe I am an entrepreneur after all. Indeed I am!
  100. I hope to be a healthy, beautiful, wise and kind of nutty old lady who smiles, laughs a lot, still climbs trees, makes KILLER chocolate chip cookies for my grandchildren, vacations at beach locales, and writes for a living while inspiring people.


  • Posted: October 12, 2015 21:06


    Hi T, I'm so happy I finally got around to read your stuff. I truly admire your journey. <3
    • Posted: October 14, 2015 16:37


      Yay!! I'm so glad to know you too!!! Sending big love your way, sweet girl! xxoo