To Leave the Nest


Addictions, Community and Belonging

I have a new addiction.


Like I need another social media addiction!



It’s Pinterest ….and like, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google +, blogs, etc… it sucks me into a deep black hole where I can no longer figure out how I got where I went or how long I’ve been there. (Ya know you want to follow me:  TD on Pinterest)


What I love about my new addiction is the same love I have about social media in general – community. With social media, you can build whatever kind of community you like. I have social media folks I follow in some places, musicians in other places, single parents in other places, natural living peeps in even other places… it’s endless. You can create a space in which you feel absolutely at home. Me… I feel at home in lots of places, apparently, because I’m all over the place.

Social media is also a great reminder of our humanness. Try and observe your physiological responses when you see pictures of new babies, or when you read a status update or tweet of someone needing prayers, or, most obvious of all, when you see video of an animal being kind to another animal or human lives being rescued by strangers or reunited with loved ones. Your heart feels open, a lump wells in your throat, tears begin to fill your eyes. Your chest widens with compassion. There is a part of our brain that responds to this. We are hard wired for compassion. It is part of our DNA. Desmond Tutu says that we are happiest when we remember that we belong. I believe that statement and the growth of social media proves it.

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