To Leave the Nest


No pain, No pain: A triathlete’s motto?

All last year, I co-wrote a triathlon blog with some friends who wished to complete their first triathlon. My last post was the race report on the actual triathlon, in August 2011.


I haven’t been very triath-like since that day. This is why I put races on my calendar…. to AIM for. Those impending events motivate me to find a training schedule. That schedule is what gets me to the gym when I only have 1/2 hour to myself. Or makes me go for a run right after dropping the kids off at school. Or finds me on my bike trainer at 9:30 at night when the kids are in bed sleeping.


Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t slacked off like I tend to do when it’s f-f-freezing outside in the middle of winter. Quite the opposite, actually, since we’ve had 70 degree days with a drop to the 50’s now and then. Instead of focusing on another triathlon, of which my next scheduled and paid for event is in June, I’ve been focusing on running.


I claimed long ago that running is not my forte. But then suddenly, after a couch-to-5K training schedule last year and trying a new running style, I found that I actually enjoyed it. I decided to up the ante this year and challenge myself to 6 miles. I downloaded Jeff Galloway’s Easy 10K app and began week 1.


Week1… so far, so good.  Until the long run of the week. Over 5 miles.


I’ve never run 5 miles in my life. Much less on a treadmill, which was the only option available with the kids around. During mile 3, my IT band and sciatic nerve in my left hip began to bother me.  After the run, and since then, I’ve focused on yoga poses I know that help alleviate that pain (like pigeon pose) and it helps temporarily. So I pushed through week 2… AND the continued pain.


By the end of week 2 when it was time for my long run, I just couldn’t do it. My knee feels very unstable and achy. Add to that the lingering pain in my right elbow (from August of last year) and I begin to wonder if my triathlon days are numbered.




I certainly hope not.

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