To Leave the Nest



Today is all about the feelings. I’m on day 14 (but who’s counting) with a broken finger but I’m still…

* Working (even if typing takes twice as long)
* Cooking & cleaning (with a little more help from the kids)
* Driving (starting the car left-handed is interesting and no I’m not flipping you off, it’s the awkward cast on my hand)
* Working out (one-handed or plus the 2 free fingers not in a cast)
* Taking care of myself (which is challenging enough)

Those closest to me (Ben & the kids) have heard me complain (cry or yell) but I have gained some perspective.

I also have an ongoing ache on the left side of my back from overcompensating, a constant crick in my neck from looking at the keyboard as I type, and I’m exhausted every evening from just trying to figure out how to do things.

I have held back from sharing how this bothers me and that’s not fair when people say I’m “so positive”. Pfft. I hurt and I’m uncomfortable and I know that others have discomforts of their own. So, I’m sharing.

Positivity, to me, means you understand the temporary nature of things, both good and bad. It doesn’t mean you lie with a smile.

Feel your feelings, y’all. All of them.

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